Love and Kindness Campaign

November 8, 2012

Whoever coined the term ‘kill them with kindness,’ was onto something BIG and now more than ever, we need to put it into practice.  If we as a nation or even the world want to experience true change that will positively make an impact and reflect godly principles, love might just be the most effective way we can do it.

With all the political discourse going on and the churches’ influence on this election season, I was reminded of John 13:34-35.  Jesus commands us to love each other just as He loves us.  Somewhere along this election season, the tone turned into ‘love those who go to church or those who share your opinions.’  The result, a lot of good, well intentioned “Church people” came across as, self-righteous, melodramatic, unsympathetic and even hateful at times.

So, now that President Obama has been reelected, are we really doomed?  Have we as God’s people lost our good chance to make this a true nation under God?  I for one, as a Christian, a wife and a mother often caught myself asking, “am I missing something?”  “Am I so spiritually disobedient that I cannot willingly fall in line with the Republican agenda and vote for Romney?”

Yes, I want the sanctity of marriage between one man and one women to be upheld, and yes, I don’t condone abortion but are these positions enough to disregard a whole slew of positions and policies I do not agree with for the sake of faith and a godly position?

Lets just look at campaign funds, what would happen if we divided all the ridiculous amount of money spent in the 2012 campaigns and infused them into falling schools?  What would happen if those who professed to act in the name of ‘godly principles’ willing gave to the poor instead of campaigns?  Would the effect be so small that it’s enough to discount this idea?

I think not. Could it just be, we have not done it enough to see results?  Why is it almost “wishful thinking” to push these ideas as opposed to gay rights or abortion?

I think the world would be so much more receptive if we shelled out love, our time and acts of kindness rather than, rules in the form of godly views.  After all, if we are operating in godly principles, don’t they inadvertently impact everything else?

Let’s kill ungodly agenda’s with kindness.  Lets positively impact government, this nation and the world by loving those around us, our family, our friends, the clerk at the grocery store, that man by the curb begging for money and yes, even our acquaintances with opposing views.